We offer several exciting activities for our meeting and conference delegates. We have activitys on land and at sea, so we think we have something for all types of groups. Maybe cooking competition is something for you? Or a walkabout?

You are welcome to contact us direct for further details.


The participants will be organised into smaller groups and be prepared for a treasure hunt! The participants will be organised into smaller groups and be prepared for a treasure hunt! The hunt meanders through the Fairy Tale trail, through the various buildings at Farsund Resort, the Wine Cellar and other areas of the beautiful farm at Bjørnevåg. Food sampling along the way and a price awaits the winning team.

Soup Kitchen

The group will be split into teams, and each team get a basket with ingredients to make the best fishsoup ever:) They will prepare them in the kitchens we have in the houses. This activiti is very popular and the partisipants has a possibility to get to know each other 

Contact us for more information.

Kon Tiki

This is a very fun activity:)

Each team get the equipment to build a fleet or a small boat. When they are finished the must test the boat or fleet in a competition. We will arrange a race between all the teams, and the best boat/fleet will win a price.

Competition at sea

Each team must find a captain. We will give the captains instructions about the boat, map and safty.

The teams must navigate the boat at sea to find some post on some islands. The posts are quetions the must anwser. During the boattrip they must prepare a entertainment show. They will preform the entertainmentshow later in the evening:)

Good luck:)

Angling in Farsund Angelen im Farsund Fiske i Farsund

Fishing Competition

At Farsund Resort we have some very steady boats that we can arrange fishing competition with. Split your group into small groups and we will give the captain instructions about how the boat works and of couse safety instructions. We will provide for fishing equipment

Contact us for more information.

The Fairy Tail trail

This is a 1 kilometre long local trail, offering the walker information along the route of local plant and animal life. The path is a meter wide, well marked and has an easy terrain. Farsund Resort has created an information folder of the Fairy Tale trail, published in Norwegian, English and German.

Abraham Larsen`s House

Join Farsund Resorts’ knowledgeable guide for a tour of the house’s interesting history with its strong ties to South Africa.The area surrounding Farsund Resorts embrace remains from 2000 year old settlements. Abraham Larsen’s picturesque house and traditional outbuildings date back to 1700.

Your guide will enlighten you with amazing tales about the Larsen, Egeland and Salvesen family, who all had strong ties to the Bjørnevåg farm, about their emigration to South Africa. Following the tour, we will prepare the four intimate salons in the house for a delightful 3 course dinner. Entertainment can be arranged, please contact Farsund Resort for further details.

Wine tasting

Are you travelling with friends or colleagues? Then we recommend a wine tasting experience in our unique wine cellar

Our wine expert will introduce you to the history and techniques of wine tasting.  Choose between: 

  • ”Wine tasting - the different grapes"

  • "The wonderful world of Champagne"

  • ”The cognac experience"