Boathire and angling in beautiful surroundings.

An exciting fishing trip or a lazy day at sea?

At Farsund resort you can hire a boat for one or several days. We offer the Skager 660, 22 ft and 20 HP engine. All boats equipped with echo sound and map planner (Trackfish 660), GPS, AIS and VHF radio. The boats are certified to carry 10 persons and perfect for angling for 4 persons at the same time. The boats are docked here at Bjørnevåg.

If you rent a boat with us you will have a mandatory boat instruction for approx 1 hour, prior to you sailing. Safety vests for everyone is included in the boat rental, as well as fuel.

Angling in the sea (salt water)

Although most anglers aim for cod, pollack, coal-fish and ling, there is also many different flatfishes. Sea trout can be caought throughout the season and  in April  the mackerel season starts.

Cod, ling  and coal-fish is normally caught deeper in this season, from 30 – 300 meters depth. We use a combination of tackles/rigs with rubber lures, colorful pearls etc,  and bait. The bait we use is mostly a piece of mackerel og herring, or other fat fishes. Equipment is normally deep-sea fishing rods with drag (speed) reels, and 300 meters of line with 30-500 grams of sinkers.

For sea trout (and pollack) we often troll near land with the boat, using spinning equipment with either a silver/green (sometimes red colored) pilks, wobblers or the Tasmanian Devil (very good).

Trolling in approx 3-4 knots, 2-10 meters deep, and passing sandy/rocky bottom.

Mackerel is normally caught with rubber lures, or simply silvery hooks.

Angling in lakes and rivers

The area near and around Farsund Resort offers a great variation in fresh water angling.

Brown trout is the most commen speices in the lakes and salmon and sea trout can be caught in the rivers.

For more information about where to go and where to obtain permits and license, please click here.

We also work with angling guides, see below for more information.

Enjoy a day with Harry!

Harry Buschman is an local fisherman with great knowledge about the best angling spots in the sea around Farsund Resort. His cutter is very well maintained and he love to share of his knowledge about where to find fish and how to catch it. Trips with his cutter can be arranged both morning and evening. Please contact us for reservations.

Personal guides

In our area we have several proffesional angling guides that know both the sea angling and the fresh water opportunities.Please contact us or visit for reservations or more information.

Angling in Farsund Angelen im Farsund Fiske i Farsund

Rental of equipment.

At Farsund Resort you can rent rods and reels, deep sea and spinning. Pilkers, tackle and other usables ca be bought at the resort.